«Gluten-free» dietary range

Discover our expertise in formulating gluten-free ingredient solutions

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Discover our expertise in "Gluten-Free" formulation


  • 10 years of expertise:

    For over 10 years our technical engineers and master bakers have been putting their know-how to the service of intolerant, allergic and hypersensitive gluten-free consumers by creating gluten-free, gourmet preparations for breads, baguettes and pastries.

  • More taste:

    Tapping into our expertise in creating products for the bakery industry, we are committed to bringing “More taste”, i.e., authentic taste, to our range of gluten-free products.

  • Safety and serenity:

    We pay special attention to ensuring that our carefully selected raw materials are safe so that we can bring you high quality, gluten-free products.

Our "Gluten-free" solutions


Gluten-free formulation

This preparation for bread, shortcrust pastry, biscuits, pancakes, loaves of bread and cakes and pastries, can be adapted to create gluten-free solutions that respond to our clients’ specifications.

Ready to use «Stea gluten-free» preparations

Our range of Stea gluten and lactose-free preparations consists of 4 gourmet products.

Refund: Stea gluten-free preparations are included in the health insurance’s List of Refundable Products and Services. Therefore, they are partly refundable within the framework of an acknowledged celiac disease.


Stea gluten-free products have also been licensed by the French Gluten-Intolerant Association.
Consult our website dedicated to the Stea brand and see a list of our distributors at www.stea-sans-gluten.com


Gluten-free raw materials

Raw materials made from rice, potatoes, tapioca, fibres, technological ingredients etc.
Our base of traceable gluten-free raw materials is at the disposal of our clients to create their products.


Trend-setting growth market

Whether it is making products for those with a particular intolerance or just as a lifestyle choice, gluten-free foods have become a major challenge for those involved in the baking industry.

Speak to one of our technical experts for personalised support on this matter.

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