Technological ingredients

Technological raw materials that act on dough Rheology and on the look and behaviour of the finished products

Your expectations

  • Are you looking for technological ingredients rigorously chosen and checked by our Technical Centre for quality, traceability and performance?
  • Do you require personalised, expert advice on the dose and specific usage of our technological solutions and ingredients?
  • Do you want to keep abreast with the trends and have up to the minute ingredients and information on technical changes in baking at your fingertips?

Our solutions

Your expectations Our range
of solutions
Key products
Enzyme solutions Enzyme activities Amylase, Hemicellulase, glucose oxidase, lipase, amyl glucosidase, cellulase etc.
Enzyme complexes - Mill’Enzyme BCE Essential and Absolute
- Custom-made enzyme complexes adapted to regional specificities.
Nutritional solutions Ingredients for optimising the nutritional profile in baking - Vegetable fibres
- Stabilised wheat germ (rich in vitamins and minerals)
- Linseed (claimed to be rich in Omega 3, etc.)
Main technological ingredients - Range of emulsifiers, thickeners, acidifying agents, baking powders, preservatives, acids, etc.
- Gluten, deactivated yeast, dry yeast,

Guaranteeing your performance

Our expertise relies on the quality and reliability of our ingredients.

Therefore, our Technical Centre pays special attention to selecting, checking and controlling the technological potential of our raw materials so that we can guarantee your performance.

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